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Anežka Šimková, Terezia Zemánková 2017

Anna Zemánková (English)

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Autor: Anežka Šimková, Terezia Zemánková
Nakladatelství: Kant
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2017

Anna Zemánková (1908–1986) is one of those distinctive artists whose work is not easily defined. For many reasons, her art tends to be categorized as art brut, of which she is one of the most mysterious and magical representatives. Her work, which is highly appreciated internationally as well, feels like a herbarium of fantastical extraterrestrial plants or a unique, imaginary world created using always newly discovered and often surprising techniques.

This extraordinary book presents a representative selection of Zemánková's drawings, collages, objects and assemblages, accompanied by texts written by experts and researchers who admire her art and who, each in their own way, try to understand the inherent mystery of her art. Join them on a journey without limits, on your own initiatory experience.