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Lucie Vlčková 2016

Antonín Kybal

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Author: Lucie Vlčková
Publisher: Kant
Language: Czech
Release year: 2016

The narrative and generously edited publication Antonín Kybal / Paths of design and textile creation comprehensively maps the fate and work of one of the most important creators of Czech design of the 20th century. The monograph, edited by art historian Lucie Vlčková and edited by art historian Lucie Vlčková, presents not only the pioneering work of Antonín Kybal in the field of textile creation, but also his significant pedagogical activity, closely linked to the University of Applied Sciences, and his work in the field of design theory.

Lucie Vlčková sensitively composes the life story of Antonín Kybal not only from thoroughly extracted archival materials, but also from the memories of his wife and daughter and, last but not least, from the artist's diary entries. It follows him in the context of the socio-political upheavals of pre- and post-war Czechoslovakia and, with the necessary critical distance, places his work in the context of Czech fine art and design.

The book, to which Lucie Vlčková, Markéta Vinglerová and Alice Hekrdlová contributed the author's texts, is equipped with a rich note-taking apparatus, a biography with an overview of Kybal's work, a comprehensive bibliography and an English summary.