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Daisy Mrakova 2019

There was one fly

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Autor: Daisy Mrakova
Nakladatelství: Baobab
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2019

Rudolfína is a wise fly who has been through a lot. Helenka is a cheerful and enterprising little girl, curious about the whole world. He asks a lot of things that might seem unimportant or banal to an adult - but luckily, flies don't.

And such a little fly knows a lot about the world. He can see where the human eye can't see: he knows where the sparkling white pebble was lost, where the ball rolled, where the paper kite got stuck, and where the path from the forest leads. He knows what treasures are hidden in the land and on the way, and he also knows a lot of little stories of children and adults.

And because she's wise, she also knows that sometimes it's better to wish than to have, that everyone has a little secret, that fear is useless, that there's a cure for every sadness, that some wishes are stupid, and sometimes things just work out better , than we could wish for.
New edition of another of the few stories of the painter, writer and illustrator Daisy Mrázková, who is rightly considered one of the most interesting Czech authors of children's books of the 20th century.

An old Japanese poet once wrote poems about flies: he invited them to dine with him, praised how nice they live in a common household, and exhorted the reader not to kill flies - after all, look how touchingly they clasp their hands, how they plead . That old Japanese poet would get along well with Daisy Mrázková. Both - Daisy and the Japanese poet - know that flies are terribly clever, that they see through everything, that they know a lot about loneliness, boredom, beauty, suffering and what is rare in life. They will advise, help, sometimes even comfort! You just have to notice them, you just have to count on them, you just have to ask them and listen carefully to what they answer. Flies are never what you think they are. Look, Rudolph! Petr Borkovec