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Monika Golasovská, Aneta Františka Holasová 2019


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Autor: Monika Golasovská, Aneta Františka Holasová
Nakladatelství: Labyrinth
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2019

Grandma Kytička lives in a house near the forest. He knows every herb, tree and shrub and knows how best to deal with their flowers, fruits and roots. He passes on his knowledge to his young granddaughters, teaches them to get to know the nature around them and to use its fruits in the home pharmacy. In doing so, they will learn something from old traditions and so-called "grandmother's" recipes. Accompanied by beautiful and detailed illustrations, in this book children will learn how to correctly recognize medicinal herbs, collect them, dry them, press them into herbariums and how to make ointments or tinctures from them. The richly illustrated book for the whole family was created in cooperation with the creators of Raketa magazine.