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Petra Lukovicsová, Jana H. Hoffstädter 2016

Journey to the world

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Autor: Petra Lukovicsová, Jana H. Hoffstädter
Nakladatelství: Labyrinth
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2016

Also, are you always embarrassed by children's curious questions about how they actually came into the world? This publication offers sensitively presented and truthful answers in an entertaining and understandable form. The book won the Golden Ribbon 2017 award in the category of non-fiction for children and youth.

The aim of the authors is to offer parents and children a book to read together so that they can more easily talk about things that may not always be easy to talk about. The reader is accompanied through the story by a small preschooler who finds out how he came into the world and how his expected sibling will soon be born. He wants to know what babies do in the womb, how they actually got there and why they are there for so long, when they come out and why even dads can't have babies and why and how this and that... and mom and dad patiently explain and draw... and little Eda tells the children what she already knows...

The result is a unique publication that openly but kindly answers curious questions. The readably written and richly illustrated book, whose content was also supported by a psychologist and a gynecologist as expert guarantors, is intended for young schoolchildren and preschoolers. In short, for all children who begin to question how they came into the world.