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Maia Hurbanova, Marta Meszarosova 2020

Etiquette - Rules of polite behavior

Etiquette - Rules of polite behavior

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Author: Maia Hurbanova, Marta Meszarosova
Publisher: Vocabulary
Language: Czech
Release year: 2020

You probably think of bears as clumsy, bushy animals that like honey and go into deep hibernation when the ground is covered in snow. But our bear is different - he likes to observe decent people and wants to share everything he finds out with you, little readers.

They will teach you how to greet, get on the tram, how to dress for different occasions, how to behave in the cinema and at the table while eating. He even shows you how to tie a tie (you might find this useful as an adult).

The book is an extended and modified version of the semester work of a young Slovak illustrator.

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