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Henry Toman 2009

Photo/print montage – Modern Czech book 2

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Autor: Henry Toman
Nakladatelství: Kant
Jazyk: Czech, English
Rok vydání: 2009

The monograph provides a broadly conceived overview of the use of photography and photomontage in Czech print media with an emphasis on the 1920s and 1930s. This period is characterized by the dramatic penetration of photography and photomontage into book covers, book illustrations and pictorial magazines.

The result is a specific visual culture based on photomechanical reproduction—the individual photograph is now overshadowed by the printed product. In ten chapters, not only the classic work of poeticism is newly analyzed, but also the culture of postcards, humorous photomontages, left-wing propaganda and photo-illustrated lyrics.

The author is a professor at the University of Michigan. The research-designed text is accompanied by 365 illustrations; 376 pages; the second volume of the Modern Czech Book monograph series.