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Daisy Mrakova 2021

A boy with a ball

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Autor: Daisy Mrakova
Nakladatelství: Baobab
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2021

Painter, illustrator and writer Daisy Mrázková can tell ordinary things in an extraordinary way. From the yellow Trophy rubber ball, which the boy Pepík gets from his father, he turns it into Trofina: a partner in the game, a friend - and one of the main characters. In addition to the boy and the ball, this now classic book features a little sister with a talent for inventing stories, friends, parents, and of course places - mundane, yet alive and unmistakable... Her heroes are ordinary children who discover the world while playing, as they look around and explore what happiness, gratitude, fear, pain or liking someone is. How things go in life can be well understood even on a pile of sand, in the garden, just behind the house, in the forest - and also in books.