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Tereza Říčanová 2021

Říčanová cow

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Autor: Tereza Říčanová
Nakladatelství: Baobab
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2021

What is it like to live with a cow? Milk her every day, go to pasture, take care of her? Does it make any sense when there are mountains of yogurts, curds and milk in perfect packages waiting for you in supermarkets? Tereza Říčanová lives a life that most of us don't want to live. It is uncomfortable and demanding, in which you get up at dawn and, when necessary, work to the point of exhaustion, the days acquire a rhythm according to the seasons and feeding...

Coexistence with an animal, daily observation and physical work awakens the author's sensitivity for the true meaning of things, restores a forgotten relationship with animals, establishes internal order and brightens the imagination. In this book, you and your children will learn a lot of practical things: for example, how many stomachs a cow has, how to make butter or cheese, what cows eat in winter or what a dung beetle is. But don't expect any manual. Kráva Říčanová is primarily a documentary diary of a painter