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Bruno Erst 2018

Basic Art Series: Magic Mirror of MC Escher

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Author: Bruno Erst
Language: English
Release year: 2018

Discover the enigmatic world of Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) in this comprehensive account of his work by mathematician Bruno Ernst. Escher's complex and ambiguous drawings defy hasty interpretations and continue to captivate audiences.

Ernst's book, titled "Magic Mirror," takes its name from Escher's lithograph of the same title, which dates back to 1946. Over the course of a year, Ernst visited Escher weekly, discussing his entire oeuvre with him and forming a friendship that gave Ernst intimate access to Escher's life and conceptual world. This meticulous account of Escher's work, scrutinized and made accurate by the artist himself, explores the scientific, psychological, and aesthetic influences that shaped his creations, revealing how his various works are interrelated and posing intriguing questions about his artistic process.