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Catherine Ard, Carla McRae 2021

Get out!

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Author: Catherine Ard, Carla McRae
Publisher: Labyrinth
Language: Czech
Release year: 2021

A modern version of the forester's manual for the city and the countryside, written to suit the children of the 21st century. Enough sitting at home, there is so much to explore outside! Whether it is a garden, a park or a nearby forest - just don't be lazy and listen to your curiosity. The playful and graphically illustrated guide contains activities that help build a meaningful relationship with nature in our surroundings. In addition to basic knowledge, such as tracking, building a shelter or starting a fire, it brings ideas for various games as well as knowledge about animals and plants.

Written by Catherine Ard, illustrated by Carla McRae. From the English original Let's Play Outdoors! Exploring Nature for Children translated by Tereza Booth. Published by the Labyrinth publishing house in the Raketa children's edition.

50 pages, hardcover V8, full-color printing, format 215 × 265 mm, CZK 295