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Stuart Farrimond 2020

The Science of Living: 219 reasons to rethink your daily routine

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Autor: Stuart Farrimond
Nakladatelství: Dorling Kindersley
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2020

A Sunday Times Best Seller. Explore the science behind your daily living habits and make your day healthier, happier, and more productive. Many of the activities we take for granted are in fact contrary to a healthy lifestyle.

In this groundbreaking book, long-held beliefs are exploded by new science: drinking eight glasses a day is too much; breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day; smartphones are not making us all depressed. Bringing to bear the latest research in psychology, nutrition, biology, and physics, best-selling author Dr Stuart Farrimond unearths the facts behind the fads, and provides take-away advice on every area of ​​our lives - and all delivered in Dr Stu's trademark styles; approachable, authoritative, and above all, entertaining. The Science of Living debunks pseudo-science and delivers only the facts.