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Basic Art Series: Andy Warhol (CZ)

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Andy Warhol is a leading representative of the post-part movement. As a creative and critical observer of American society, he was able to find the right keys to such current topics as consumption, materialism, media and celebrities. He made advertisements, comics, prints of everyday objects, portraits of the most famous faces of Hollywood, and all this contributed to a radical rethinking of what is and is not a work of art.

It was thanks to Warhol that the can of Campbell's soup and the bottle of Coca-Cola became objects with the same artistic value as objects in classic still lifes. Along with this, Warhol also radically transformed the role of the artist himself: with his famous line "I want to be a machine", he showed his disdain for the concept of authorship. He worked with mass production methods, had dozens of assistants and liked to call his studio a factory. This book provides an insight into Warhol's extensive and colorful life's work, which introduced themes such as housing, production and consumption into art, completely rethinking the concept of "high" and "low" art.