A History of Pictures: From the Cave to the Computer Screen


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Informed and energized by a lifetime of painting, drawing, and making images with cameras, David Hockney, in collaboration with art critic Martin Gayford, explores how and why pictures have been made across the millennia. Juxtaposing a rich variety of images–a still from a Disney cartoon with a Japanese woodblock print by Hiroshige, a scene from an Eisenstein film with a Velazquez paint ing–the authors cross the normal boundaries between high culture and popular entertainment, and argue that film, photography, paint ing, and drawing are deeply interconnected.

Featuring a revised final chapter with some of Hockney’s latest works, this new, compact edition of A History of Pictures remains a significant contribution to the discussion of how artists represent reality.

An eloquent conversational testimony to the vividness of life lived through intelligent looking. You will see Caravaggio and Citizen Kane with fresh eyes Daily Telegraph

Take a deep dive into [Hockney s] truly remarkable brain It will transform your relationship to pictures AnOther

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