Amor Psýché Akce – Vídeň (EN)


Jen 1 skladem

In autumn of 2012, DOX hosted an exhibition based on the collection of Julius Hummel. Viennese Actionism fought for individual freedom and its movement contributed to greater interpersonal and sexual tolerance. To this day the cultural shock caused by their rebellion against baroque Catholicism and the sacred family can still be felt.

The work of the four main protagonists of Viennese Actionism – Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, Rudolf Schwarzkogler a Günter Brus – would not have been possible without its preceding and contemporary influences. Surrounded by a repressed political past, both men and women were seeking to explore the experience of the highs and lows of „being human“ against the hypocrisy towards sentiments and drang.

The women’s attempts to bring about changes in the revolutionary 1960s mostly remained unknown, nevertheless they contributed to Actionism through their choices of companion and with their personal physical commitment. The share of the feminine and androgynous, which is both consciously and unconsciously present in the work of the Actionists before the concept of gender as we know it today has been established, forms Julius Hummel’s selection for this exhibition– providing the opportunity to newly examine the effort and outcome of the contributions within the Viennese Actionism both in the field of art and within contemporary society.

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