Casas Kazuyo Seima + Ryue Nishizawa


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ISBN: 9788496540767

Kniha s výraznou slevou, která byla rozbalená a vystavená v kamenném obchodě, ale je pořád v dobré kondici.


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Sanaa’s housing projects, both finished (House A, S House, House in a Plum Grove, Small House and Moriyama House), and unfinished projects (Flower House, Garden & House, Seijo Apartments, Ichikawa Apartments, House in China and Eda Apartments).

SANAA’s architecture embraces complexities within deceptively simple appearances. It has many elements that are impossible to understand unless actually „experienced.“ In contrast with modern architecture, SANAA has many aspects that cannot be revealed in „representative“ media such as plans, models, and photographs.

The „representations“ of their architectural works incorporate ambiguity and chronological elements. This characteristic makes Sanaa one of the most innovative offices in the current architectural panorama.


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