Countryside Game



Rok vydání


ISBN: 9780714860749

A visual walk through the countryside during the daytime and at night, told with a simple turn of the page. Readers can tell the story aloud as they ‘walk’ through the book.

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Spend a sunny day in the beautiful countryside. Sit beneath an apple tree, run through flower-filled meadows, climb the highest mountain… and then flip the book and make your way back through the same landscape by the light of the moon!

Illustrated in a vibrant riot of colours, this book can be enjoyed from front to back and back to front – one side offering a series of cut-out daytime countryside scenes with trees, flowers and cows, while the other side features the same landscapes at night. This book encourages children to make up and tell stories of their own by offering them a beautiful theatrical backdrop to spur their imaginations.

One of the beloved ‚Let’s Play Games‘ series books by Hervé Tullet, which stimulate thought and imagination in young children.