Graphic Europe


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ISBN: 9780956205308

Graphic Europe is a guidebook to 31 cities in 31 different European countries written and illustrated by graphic designers based in those cities.

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The book features the best places to stay, restaurants, bars, galleries and cultural hotspots in each city, but is far from being a standard tourist guide. The entries are all distinctly alternative, pointing the reader in the direction of art-oriented local venues that only an insider would know about a bar where all the art students hang out, a small gallery on a side street, or a derelict cinema of particular architectural interest, for example. The designers then illustrate these texts using a broad range of visual material that reflects the way the designer experiences their city, rather than a literal interpretation of the venues listed. By gleaning an insiders view of each city, readers will be able to access the hidden recesses of each European metropolis, and to engage with the people and places that give each artistic community its identify. The resulting book is a personal, distinctive and very visual travel guide to Europe, that will appeal not just to the design market, but to any traveller with an interest in art and alternative culture.