Greening in Style Heatlhy home decor with plants


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ISBN: 9788499360966

There is much more to interiors filled with plants than meets the eye

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Interior design projects for residential spaces where plants are part of the basic design, adding personality and life to the decor and counteracting the negative effects of city living. There is much more to interiors filled with plants than meets the eye. Plant arrangements can be seen as an inexpensive way to decorate a home, but in fact, the use of plants in interior design has benefits that are often overlooked. Plants add dimension to interiors and make them feel lively. They strengthen the connection with nature and reflect an appreciation of the botanical world. They improve air quality and regulate temperature and humidity levels.

Plants also have positive effects on people’s moods and health, reducing stress, promoting creativity, productivity and wellbeing. This book includes interior design projects for residential spaces, such as apartments, single-family houses, penthouses, and lofts in urban and rural environments. It focuses on modern interiors, where plants are part of the design, giving the home an organic touch.

From interior courtyards to small balconies and through simple but graceful arrangements of potted plants, the projects offer inspirational ideas to all those who want to fill their homes with plants and add personality to their decor.