Homecamp: Stories and Inspiration for the Modern Adventurer


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Homecamp offers a compelling invitation to switch off and return to the natural world. Featuring inspirational travel stories from around the world, adventurer profiles, how-to guides and stunning photography on a range of activities all related to camping and enjoying the outdoors.
There are sections on night surfing, motorbike camping, wild food foraging, open-fire cooking, modern landscape photography and tips for camping with kids. Homecamp is an impressive package that will inspire you to switch off and get lost in the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer.
Doron and Stephanie Francis are two lovers of the natural world, who want to inspire others to connect with the beauty found everywhere in the outdoors. In 2014 they launched Homecamp, an online business that sells beautifully crafted products to help people enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort. Most recently they introduced Under Sky, a service that offers premium outdoor experiences and pop-up glamping accommodation for gatherings and festivals.
Doron and Stephanie feel most at home when on the road and love spending time in the great outdoors. While not travelling they are based in Melbourne. Doron and Stephanie have also been profiled in two books, Camping Out in the Wild (GALINDO Publishing) and New Identities (Gestalten).

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