Humans of Prague (EN)


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Almost every day the photographer Tomáš Princ walks the streets of Prague and asks people he doesn‘t know: “Can I take your photograph?” This book presents the most interesting stories from his popular blog Humans of Prague from the past five years. The author presents the residents of the capital city and its visitors as thoughtful observers as well as witty commentators on their own lives, as storytellers of funny as well as sad stories, as self-confident protagonists, and as people who seem to be dwelling in past events. He discovers people who remember the great moments of last century as well as witnesses to fleeting moments in the present. The book Humans of Prague is a unique mosaic which reflects all of the colours in our lives: loss, disappointment and unfulfilled wishes, but also dreams, desires and private victories. With its architecture and history Prague is an exciting city, but if you look past its beauty, you‘ll discover that its magical attraction is created mainly by the people you meet there.

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