Look Rabbits


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A delightful non – verbal picture book to take you through the day and the year The everyday life of Daphne Louters twins inspired her to create this beautiful, intricate picture book that wordlessly tells the story of a boy rabbit and a girl rabbit, and their pet, the chicken. We follow the roguish duo throughout the day and, as the day progresses , throughout the year as well. The subtle colours, fine lines and countless details in the pictures give the book a timeless quality and are reminiscent of work by great British illustrators such as Beatrix Potter and John Tenniel. It wont come as a surprise to hear that Daphne won the 2014 Worldwide Picture Book Illustration Contest with the first pictures for this book. The rabbit twins house and garden are places young children will want to visit over and over again. Theres so much to discover in every picture that each new visit is a delight. And can they find the objects that appear in every picture

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