Movies―Sound! Camera! Action! (+ CD)

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Try to imagine Once Upon A Time In The West without its harmonica leitmotif, or the shower scene from Psycho without the shrill staccato strings – not the same movies at all, are they? Images and music are inextricably linked in cinema.

This compendium therefore not only presents magnificent film stills, stories and facts, it also provides handpicked music themes from every film featured.

The journey takes us in chronological order from the black and white slapstick of the 1920s to the Golden Age of Hollywood. From the opulence of monumental cinema to film noir. From the variety of New Hollywood to the first blockbusters and phenomenal franchises to the latest big budget productions. Peplum films and Spaghetti Westerns, gangster epics and grand dramas, action smashes and science fiction sagas, this rich mix of genres brings together legendary films from almost 100 years, honouring popcorn cinema and the independents alike. Star directors, silver screen heroes and the artists behind the camera who have written movie history. And, of course, those who have written the music to accompany the pictures we see.

This subjective selection invites us to embrace nostalgia, to rediscover forgotten gems and encounter new ones. Take your seats for an informative and entertaining ride through cinematic history in monochrome and kaleidoscopic colour. The seventh art in all its glory, superlative cinema on every page!

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