Stay for breakfast

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ISBN: 9783899556438

„As you thumb through the book, you will wish someone created these moments just for you. It is gorgeously shot but also captures the sense of those moments delightfully through words. (…) It is the perfect inspiration to make breakfast time more special, even if it is only once a week.“

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The book’s recipes offer readers the opportunity to rediscover traditions, to find enticing new possibilities, and to make time for a morning meal for themselves.

Stay for Breakfast provides inspiration for creating the perfect start to any day and a glimpse into what breakfast looks like on plates around the world. Shakshuka sizzles in a cast iron pan. Poached figs tempt with the fresh flavors of a Persian morning.

Waffles in bed are as romantic as they are delicious – with a warm drizzle of maple syrup sweetening the moment. Whether for adults or for children, friends or lovers, in bed or on a picnic, explore the varied incarnations and tastes of breakfast.


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