Stencil Graffiti Handbook


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ISBN: 9780500022856

An up-to-date selection of authentic stencil graffiti art from the new generation of street artists and provocateurs

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Attention artists, activists, designers, typographers, provocateurs and all rebellious spirits! This is not just a practical handbook for making stencil art, but a guide to an artistic path. Street-art expert Tristan Manco and the more than 100 artists in this book invite you to experience the absolute freedom stencils give them to create, to imagine, to make mistakes and to change the world.

In an unprecedented age of protest when so many people have something to say about political upheaval, environmental crises, social inequalities or just to demand beauty in the world stencil art bursts the bubble of complacency and gets the message out there, quickly and as many times as necessary.

You will find:

Stencil skills from the best artists tips and tricks, peeks inside the studio and work in progress

Previously unpublished stencil work from around the world Buenos Aires to Paris to Melbourne and beyond

Extracts from the Manual de Stencil, a DIY stencil zine produced by the Instituto Bogotano de Corte (Bogotá Institute of Cut)

Profiles of the most exciting up-and-coming stencil artists of the next generation as well as influential stencil masters

Mini-tours through the city streets of eight stencil hotspots

Table of Contents

1. Basics 2. Advanced Techniques 3. Activism 4. Themes 5. Streets 6. Studios 7. Resources