Street Art Today II : The 50 Most Influential Street Artists Today


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ISBN: 9789401461597

The ultimate Who’s Who of the contemporary street art scene

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„It’s a must-have art collection gathering dust on the coffee table, and it’s just that.“ – NY Journal of Books on Street Art Today 1 „One of the best books on Street Art“ –
„It is a beautiful aggregation, and certainly many of these artists have been interviewed and regularly featured on websites and other free cultural outlets like this one providing depth, context, analysis, information, and exposure. Having a hard copy of this collection of fifty in your hand will help freeze this moment for posterity as the scene/s continue to evolve.“ – on Street Art Today 1

Going beyond the cliché of street art as artistically responsible graffiti, this Who’s Who of the international contemporary street art scene features 50 of the top street artists working today, complete with exclusive interviews. More than a revised edition of Street Art Today (2015), this book offers a completely new and updated roster of artists, and highlights the evolution of street art in all its multi-faceted complexity. Street Art Today is beautifully presented and written, in the main, in straightforward language accessible to all.