The Appeal of Community in Magnum Photos: 1947 – Present


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ISBN: 9783777428888

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Founded in 1947 on the basis of the spirit of humanism , the Magnum ph oto agen cy has mostly focused its gaze on a wor ld in times of unrest, collapsing social structures and polarisi n g p oliti cs . This volume is being published to mark the 70 th birthday of th e agency . W ith a selection of iconic pictures f ro m the archive of the agency , it illuminates another of the basic pil lars upon which Magnum rests : community .

The community is marked by conflicts and ruptures, and yet we cling to the sometimes n ostalgi c – seeming idea of the harmoni ous coexistence of man. All this is shown in the world – famous photos from the M agnum a rchi v e – from pictures of dramati c events of world history to quiet , private insights into our daily lives . Over 100 photos from the past 70 years have been selected f or this volume .

They are pictures which belong to our c olle c tive memory and which testify to the power of photography . They all illustrate the basic aim of Magnum : to create influential works which enlighten and help to create a better world .