The Book of Ikigai


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Ikigai is a Japanese term that can be translated, simply, as reason for being , and many people across the world believe that finding your own personal ikigai is the secret to a long and happy life. The Book of Ikigai is divided into 12 chapters, one for each week. Each chapter starts with a reflection and personal anecdotes from the author, reiki master Caroline de Surany, and includes a playful exercise from drawing, to playing a game to do each day to enable you get closer to your ikigai. Move from Week one, I reconnect with myself, through Week four: I am not what you think I am, and Week eight: I adopt an attitude of self compassion all the way to Week twelve: I glow. By the time you have finished this book, you will be empowered to understand your own values what makes you feel connected; what makes you feel love; what gives you a sense of place in the world and move towards a way of life that will bring you peace of mind and lasting joy.

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