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Jen 1 skladem

Edition in Spanish and English.

Offices is the first issue of the Singular Architecture collection presented in Archibox or project file format.
An exhaustive global and overall study has been carried out on each theme, analyzing different current and classic 
examples from the history of modern architecture, looking for classification parameters, so that the user can evaluate
the projects from different perspectives depending on their needs.  
The studies that we have developed in this publication are:

1. Introduction and Analysis
2. Miralles/Tagliabue - EMBT
3. Junquera Arquitectos 
4. Eduardo Souto de Moura
5. Aires Mateus
6. Alejandro Muñoz Miranda
7. Triptyque Architecture
8. BAILORULL add+ 
9. el dorado architects 
10. Dominik Dreiner Architekt 

The format is presented in a case that groups 9 fascicles (280 pages) for easy individual consultation
of each of the projects, plus a prologue-introduction fascicle to the theme of the volume. 
Each number will work as an independent unit, but also as a collection.

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