Why do cats meow?


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Have you ever wondered whether cats really do have nine lives? Would you like to know how to speak cat? This humorous book poses and answers twenty questions about our feline friends and celebrates what makes them so unique.

Table of Contents

Lions in your living room: How long have people kept pet cats? • The good, the bad and the snuggly: How many different cats are there? • Making their mark: Do cats have territories? • Caterwauling kitties: Why do cats meow? • Feeling the way: What do a cat’s whiskers do? • Following your nose: Why do cats have wet noses? • Wary of the water: Why don’t cats like water? • An appetite for destruction: Why do cats like scratching things? • Unbreakable: Do cats have nine lives? • Moody moggies: Is my cat ignoring me? • Celestial creatures: Why were cats worshipped? • Cats in high places: Could cats rule the world? • Hunting instinct: Why do cats bring us dead animals? • Family matters: Where do cats like to have kittens? • Clean freak: Why do cats lick their own bottoms? • Content as can be: How can you keep your cat healthy? • Cat words: Index • Witches and omens: Do cats bring bad luck? • What a cat sees: Can cats see in the dark? • Petting your pet: Do cats like being stroked?



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