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High Grade Living: A Guide to Creativity, Clarity and Mindfulness

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In an increasingly frenetic and fractured world, we have lost the essence of ourselves. This book is a guide to stripping away artifice in your life to discover your 'broad place', where you come into contact with your higher self as a creative and conscious human. High-Grade Living demonstrates how a strong foundation of meditation can benefit all areas of your life, from the home to relationships, creativity and happiness. The book examines how to audit, edit and refine your home through considered exercises on assessing excess and determining how well your possessions reflect who you are. Other prompts will help your creativity flow and establish how your words and actions embody who you want to be. Author Jacqui Lewis is a long-time practitioner of Integrated Meditation and founder of multiple businesses who has lived life at the extremes of stress and anxiety, and now teaches others the grounded, innovative and resilient approach that brought her back to herself.