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Alexander Tinei, Otto M. Urban 2023

Alexander Tinei: Funny Games

Alexander Tinei: Funny Games

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Step into the captivating world of Alexander Tinei, a Moldovan painter whose artistic journey to the contemporary European art scene was neither straightforward nor immediate. Despite making his mark in the art world only in his 40s, Tinei's solo exhibition, "Funny Games," showcased at the DOX Center in 2022, reflects his overall artistic development and formal changes in his painting style, composition, and colors.

Inspired by everyday life, childhood, tattoos, found photographs, and their mysterious banality, Tinei's paintings are fragments of a magnificent mosaic of human life. Through his art, he seeks to understand the surrounding world and the complexities of life, always conveying a personal touch.

The exhibition at the DOX Center focuses on adolescence as a crucial period of human development, a time of emotional unrest and turmoil as childhood fades into the distant horizon of adulthood. The exhibition's title, "Funny Games," is inspired by Michael Haneke's films of the same name, which provides a fitting backdrop for Tinei's poignant and thought-provoking works.

The "Funny Games" exhibition catalog, accompanying the exhibition, delves into Tinei's artistic journey and showcases his magnificent paintings in both monumental and small formats. Join us on a journey through Tinei's art, a unique perspective on human life that will leave you captivated and inspired.

"Why should I do things that have already been created by someone else before me." — Alexander Tinei

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