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Olivier Le Carrer, Sibylle Le Carrer 2017

Atlas of Cursed Places

Atlas of Cursed Places

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Author: Olivier Le Carrer, Sibylle Le Carrer
Publisher: 65th field
Language: Czech
Release year: 2017

French navigator and geographer Olivier Le Carrer has mapped forty locations that hide a turbulent and tumultuous history: from Zambia's Kasanka Nature Reserve, where clouds of bats descend, to the ominous suicide forest in Japan's Aokigahara and the devil's colonial abode at 122 Ocean Avenue in Amityville to the dark lighthouse of the sunken Eilean Mor, lost somewhere in the Flannan Islands. There are also the most famous areas of tragic events such as the Bermuda Triangle or Scylla and Charybdis.

Flipping through this geography of horror may leave your stomach churning with anxiety. Historical maps and period illustrations complement the unprecedented panopticon of the most uninviting places across all continents and oceans.

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