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Otto M. Urban 2023

The Pain of Others

The Pain of Others

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The extensive publication The Pain of Others recaps an extraordinary exhibition project that presented the work of several dozen contemporary artists in the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in 2022.

The Pain of Others exhibition asked whether it is possible to convey the suffering caused by war to those who have not experienced it. The project was created as a reaction to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and alongside classics such as photographer Robert Capa or painters Francisco Goya and Otto Dix, it presented the works of four dozen contemporary artists from various countries, including Ukraine. The main theme of the project and the subsequent catalog, however, was not a specific war or policy or ideology.

Through the exhibition, the creators wanted to touch upon a universal human experience – the ability to approach the pain and suffering of others through art. In addition to an extensive presentation of the works from the exhibition, the catalog also presents the reflections of all the curators (Leoš Válka, Michaela Šilpochová, Otta M. Urban, Tomáš Glance and Stefan Carini) on the theme of war and the perception of pain.

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