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Michaela Šilpochová, Leoš Válka 2016

The Soul of Money / The Soul of Money

The Soul of Money / The Soul of Money

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The exhibition project The Soul of Money focuses on money as a phenomenon that we are all - voluntarily or involuntarily - a part of and attempts to explore some of the consequences of how today's world is consistently colonized through the current economic model.

Editor: Michaela Šilpochová, Leoš Válka

Texts: Leoš Válka, Michaela Šilpochová, Wolfgang Scheppe, Vít Macháček, Josef Švéda, Jaromír Šimáně, Jan Klesla, Boris Pavelec, Tomáš Kučera

Graphic editing: Daniel Korčák, Kristýna Greplová, Alan Záruba

Printing: INDIGOPRINT s.r.o

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