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Tomáš Sedláček 2017

The economics of good and evil

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Autor: Tomáš Sedláček
Nakladatelství: 65th field
Jazyk: Czech
Rok vydání: 2017

The economy of good and evil shows how colorfully our ancestors were able to think about property, personal benefit and social well-being. The author takes the reader on an adventurous journey to the roots of our civilization and uses the examples of the ancient Sumerians, Hebrews, ancient thinkers and the philosopher Descartes to illustrate how inspiring it is to observe the transformations of human questioning from the point of view of economics, if it is placed in a wider context.

In the author's view, economics is a beautiful field of humanities, the roots and connections of which go much deeper than one can imagine today. But the book is something more than a probe into the history of economic thought. It shows how many fresh and surprisingly relevant ideas we can find in the legacy of ancient civilizations. And most importantly, how convincingly one can go against the current with them and heretical break down the stereotypes with which we still work today - as people of everyday life and as scientists or economists.