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Riad Sattouf 2018

One day you will be an Arab 3

One day you will be an Arab 3

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Author: Riad Sattouf
Publisher: Baobab
Language: Czech
Release year: 2018

The year is 1985, and the model schoolboy Riyadh feels at home in the everyday conditions of impoverished Syria, Hafez al-Assad. And this despite the fact that with his blond curls he will always remain a little exotic. At the same time, he begins to sharply perceive the border that separates Muslim society with its archaic and increasingly formally observed spiritual traditions and the West, which is experiencing the peak period of carefree consumerism. The unspoken conflict between Riyad's father and conservative Arab relatives, fascination with American action films, the experience of school in France, contacts with prominent figures of the Assad regime and a passionate need to draw... of his will, subjected to the traumatic ritual of traditional circumcision. The third volume of the autobiographical comic by the well-known French cartoonist Riad Sattouf is, like the first two volumes, the author's return to his early childhood, which he spent with his Arab father and French mother in the Middle East.

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