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DOX 2017

Kamila Ženátá: Horizon of events

Kamila Ženátá: Horizon of events

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In 2013, Kamila Ženátá, a "lawyer of dreams and emotions", worked with raw-sounding concepts such as the transgenerational transmission of trauma, the displacement of pain or the rule of totality in her double exhibition (Terezin's Little Fortress and the DOX Center), in relation to the female world .

The author, who made a name for herself on the Czech art scene with her complex work with an exhibition space and an emphasis on a non-transferable personal experience, did not hesitate to go all the way when materializing them. The topic of the publication is the author's installation focused on women, femininity and their inexorable connection with social, social and family conditions that shape a person in the long term.

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