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Kristof Kintera, Rostislav Koryčánek 2023

Krištof Kintera: Building Sculptures and Girl with a Dove

Krištof Kintera: Building Sculptures and Girl with a Dove

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Author: Kristof Kintera, Rostislav Koryčánek
Publisher: BigBoss
Language: Czech, English
Release year: 2023

The catalog for the site-specific project of the Kunsthalle Praha entitled Sculptures of Houses and Girl with a Dove by Krištof Kintera enriches the existing literature on Brutalist architecture in Prague with an unconventional view of buildings from the period of communist rule.

The sculpture Girl with a Dove from 1958 became the starting point for the placement of seven light sculptures in the uneven terrain of the nameless park in Klárov. Together, they form a unique socio-urbanistic unit that is based on existing, demolished or utopian buildings.

The very transformation of houses into sculptures – works of art, which reduce, illuminate or partially demolish Kintera, opens a completely new framework for the perception of architecture. The chosen concept is also supported by the texts of architecture theorist Rostislav Koryčánek, the interview of curator Christelle Havranek with Krištof Kintera, as well as unique footage from the process of building the sculptures and rich archive material.

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