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Modes of democracy

Modes of democracy

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In eight chapters, the catalog for the Fashions of Democracy exhibition introduces art projects from all over the world that create inspiring and cautionary stories of democracy taking place at different levels – from the urban district, city, metropolis to the global scale. The exhibition, whose theme is based on the question of whether the traditional form of democracy is on the decline, thus reacts to massive surveillance and disappearing privacy, the successes of populist politicians and the return of authoritarian regimes, which have become more and more common in recent years. Dozens of artists from five continents are represented at the exhibition, such as Harun Farocki, Paolo Cirio, Daniel Latorre, Todd Lester, Jiří Černický, Michaela Thelenová, Zdena and Michal Kolečkovi from the Czech Republic and others.

Editor: Jaroslav Andel

Texts: Jaroslav Anděl, Daniele Archibugi, Noam Chomsky, Hannes Egger, Ondřej Lánský, Daniel Latorre, Michal Koleček & Zdena Kolečková, Claus Offe, Laura Poitras, Ebadur Rahman and others.

Graphic editing : Bedřich Vémola

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