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María Isabel Sánchez Vegar 2022

Little People, Big Dreams: Neil Armstrong

Little People, Big Dreams: Neil Armstrong

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Author: María Isabel Sánchez Vegar
Publisher: BRIO
Language: Czech
Release year: 2022

Get to know the lives of extraordinary personalities, from designers and artists to scientists. They have all achieved amazing success, even though they were just kids with a big dream in the beginning.

When he was quite young, Neil visited an air race with his father, and the planes he saw there fascinated him. This ignited his lifelong love of flying. He learned to fly a plane even before he knew how to drive a car! He first worked as a test pilot with the US Navy and then started working at NASA. There, after a short time, he was offered the opportunity to command the first expedition to the moon. In 1969, he made history as the first man to set foot on the moon. This account of the extraordinary astronaut and space explorer also includes a section dedicated to facts and photographs.
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