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Siegfried Herz, Otto M. Urban 2022

Siegfried Herz: Eurydice

Siegfried Herz: Eurydice

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Author: Siegfried Herz, Otto M. Urban
Publisher: Bold Gallery
Language: Czech
Release year: 2022

In the making Siegfried Herz mythology has its special place, it intertwines with his paintings, drawings and photographs like the submerged river Lethé, burdened by the destinies of countless men and women, entire generations of suffering and needy, searching and losing. But Herz does not see mythological stories as non-committal incidents from long-gone times, for him they are an open book to which he adds his own experiences and dreams. His works are thus completely contemporary, they show the constancy and sameness of human emotions, which are not subject to time or vain illusions of progress. Herz is a perceptive observer of his images and visions, who, however, does not bring comfort, but rawly uncovers moments of time so lost that the search for it is in advance futile and impossible.

The very form of Herz's paintings and drawings is remarkably consistent with the chosen themes. Muted colors, blurred contours and a certain photographic quality support the melancholic moment of stopping. He managed to transfer the method of blurring colors and using coffee grounds, with which he worked on older drawings, to the larger formats of contemporary canvases. Herz is a sensitive observer and a unique interpreter of secretly experienced ups and downs . Despite this apparent impartiality, he also personally enters into the events and invites the viewer to do the same.

The book is a catalog for the Siegfried Herz exhibition at the Bold Gallery, curated by Otto M. Urban.

Limited numbered edition of 182 pieces.

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