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John Townsend 2019

Animal tracks

Animal tracks

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Author: John Townsend
Publisher: Vocabulary
Language: Czech
Release year: 2019

Animal footprints in soil, mud, or snow reveal more about the animal that left them than you might imagine. In the book you will find traces of mammals and reptiles from all over the world, from small to medium to huge ones. Some of the life-size tracks did not even fit on the page of the book, the sheet must be fold-out. You can explore the tracks of a shrew, bat, skunk, armadillo, beaver, reindeer, seal, alligator, tiger, bear, gorilla, giraffe, elephant and other interesting animals that will show you the richness and diversity of the animal kingdom. Most of the creatures have four legs, but some occasionally walk on two. Based on the shape, size and placement of the tracks, you can get an idea of ​​how different animals move. Read interesting facts about the appearance and life of these animals, also compare their size with your size and find on the world map where individual animals live. Just become a smart tracker. And on the trip you can also follow the tracks of our animals and draw them in your notebook.
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