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The School of Life 2019

The School of Life - Guided Journal Who Am I?

The School of Life - Guided Journal Who Am I?

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Author: The School of Life
Publisher: The School of Life
Language: English
Release year: 2019

Who Am I? is a guided journal by The School of Life designed to help us create a psychological portrait of who we are. One of the trickiest tasks we ever face is working out who we really are. If we're asked directly to describe ourselves, our minds tend to go blank. We can't just sum ourselves up. We need prompts, suggestions and more detailed enquiries that help tease out and organise our picture of ourselves.

This book is filled with exercises to help us develop our self-understanding within key areas of our lives - from our values and beliefs to our relationships and aspirations. Using unusual, oblique, entertaining, and playful prompts, we can create a rich picture of our existence, and gain a deeper understanding of who we truly are.

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