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The School of Life

The School of Life - The Compatibility Game

The School of Life - The Compatibility Game

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Connect by The School of Life is a pack of cards designed to help couples foster connection and closeness by prompting conversations about the things that matter most. With 100 thought-provoking questions across five categories - appreciation, aspiration, desire, forgiveness, and growth - these cards encourage partners to discuss what they deeply appreciate about each other, what they're striving for individually and as a couple, what they desire from each other, what they're willing to forgive, and what they want to achieve together.

By facilitating these important conversations, Connect helps couples to clear the air, reintroduce a spirit of fun, and remember what's truly special about their relationship. These deceptively simple cards have the power to generate meaningful and life-changing conversations, and can be used to rekindle affection and strengthen a partnership.

In summary, Connect is a powerful tool that can help couples have meaningful conversations that deepen their understanding of each other and their relationship. By using these thoughtfully designed cards, partners can explore new ideas and perspectives in a fun and engaging way, fostering closeness and connection that can have life-changing consequences.

Includes 100 cards with dice. Contains an instruction booklet.

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