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Yuriy Marchenko 2022

Thinking Big: Innovation in Ukraine

Thinking Big: Innovation in Ukraine

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Author: Yuriy Marchenko
Publisher: Curriculum Publishing
Language: English
Release year: 2022

This is a book about people who change our world: make it safer, more comfortable, and more interesting. It collects the stories of thirty-two innovative projects created in Ukraine, as well as the people who bring them to life. The book covers the eight most important areas that directly shape our daily lives. Leading experts in IT, agriculture, telecommunications, and other fields directly and openly share their honest opinions about the future of these areas.

Published by Osnovy, a small publisher based in Kyiv, with the support of the AEQUO law firm.

About Author:
Yuriy Marchenko is a Ukrainian journalist. Editor-in-chief of the online magazine, host of the "Wild Wanderings" program and podcast on Radio HB. The author and co-author of several books, including "Bude tobi nauka" and "Simple Constitution", published by Osnovy publishing house.

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