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Agata Toromanoff 2024

Amazing Mountain Cabins

Amazing Mountain Cabins

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Autor: Agata Toromanoff
Nakladatelství: Luster
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2024

In this book, Agata Toromanoff shares a curated selection of more than 30 mountain cabins with captivating architectural designs where mountain hikers or climbers can spend the night: from one-of-a-kind, innovative cabins with breathtaking views in the Italian Dolomites to intimate retreats that blend in with the rugged landscape of the Slovenian Alps, and extraordinary eco domes in Patagonia. Amazing Mountain Cabins - Architecture Worth the Hike is a great source of inspiration for your next mountain holiday, with information on the area and how to get there. Above all, it pays tribute to the talent and skill of the architects and engineers who have enriched some of the world’s most unique mountain landscapes and panoramas with their extraordinary designs.

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