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Tamara Krawchenko, Svitlana Kostrykina 2018

Awesome Kyiv

Awesome Kyiv

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Autor: Tamara Krawchenko, Svitlana Kostrykina
Nakladatelství: Osnovy Publishing
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2018

Exploding with culture, Kyiv has become a hot travel destination. Across this eclectic city’s numerous squares brimming with local color, Kyivans can be found debating politics, playing chess and gossiping. Dense layers of history, unexpectedly lush parks and even hidden islands along the wide Dnipro River invite endless exploration, while tree-lined promenades entice lovers to stroll, and revelers to toast. It’s a city of flaneurs. Of poets. Of politics.

In striking full color that mirrors the vibrance of the city itself, our Kyiv travel guide covers things only true Kyivans know. Written by local experts, it is more than just a guide or a manual for understanding the city. It is a love letter to the city we adore, crafted to share their awesomeness with you.

Published by Osnovy, a small publisher based in Kyiv.

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