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Hanna Kopylova. Bohdana Pavlychko 2019

Awesome Odesa

Awesome Odesa

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Autor: Hanna Kopylova. Bohdana Pavlychko
Nakladatelství: Osnovy Publishing
Jazyk: English
Rok vydání: 2019

Odesa — the “pearl of the Black Sea” — is a vibrant, multicultural port city. Its quirky architecture and laidback beach culture have long made it a popular spot for tourists, and an inspiration for writers. Its vibrant streets, good music, eclectic food, and live theatre entice visitors to Unwind.

Odesa is open to the world. Since its founding, the city has had mayors of Spanish, Greek, and French origin, and its planners and architects have hailed from Italy, France, Germany, and The Netherlands. Their cultural influences, along with the native Tatar, Ukrainian, Russian, and Jewish populations resulted in an atmosphere of diversity and inclusivity.

With this book, we are pleased to share with you our love to Odesa! The book is neither a guide nor a manual. Rather, it’s an insight into the city we adore — mellow, eclectic, and seductive. On its pages you’ll find references to major historical events, famous and talented residents, art, culture, sports, literature, traditions, and even beloved street food.

Published by Osnovy, a small publisher based in Kyiv.

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