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Franz Kafka 2019

Franz Kafka. Complete Novels

Franz Kafka. Complete Novels

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Autor: Franz Kafka
Nakladatelství: Vintage Publishing
Jazyk: angličtina
Rok vydání: 2019

The complete novels of one of the greatest German-Czech writers of all time, collected together in one literary masterpiece.

Kafka's characters are victims of forces beyond their control, estranged and rootless citizens deceived by authoritarian power. Filled with claustrophobic description and existential profundity, Kafka has been compared to a literary Woody Allen. In The Trial, Joseph K is relentlessly hunted for a crime that remains nameless. The Castle follows K in his ceaseless attempts to enter the castle and to belong somewhere. In Amerika Karl Rossmann also finds himself isolated and confused when he is 'packed off to America by his parents'. Here, ordinary immigrants are also strange, and 'America' is never quite as real as it seems. 

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